Donation Acceptance Guidelines

Please read the guidelines below before you donate. Books and multimedia can be dropped off in the lobby of the John Steinbeck Public Library (there’s a bin to the left of the front door) at 350 Lincoln Avenue.
All donations are tax deductible. When a donation letter request comes into the Shop, make sure you fill out volunteer communication form. See example.
Remember – it’s a donation, not a dump! IF IN DOUBT, ASK FIRST! For large donations (10 or more boxes), we can arrange pick-up. Call 831-758-7182. Please have items packed flat in boxes (spine up injures the book). Remember when you donate something we can’t sell, we have to dispose of it and that costs money. Paying garbage or recycling fees for un-sellable donations takes money away from our effort to support Salinas Public Libraries.

We accept:

  • Hardcover and paperback books in good, salable condition.
  1. No loose pages, missing covers or pages, no torn spines
  2. No mold or mildew smell
  3. No bad staining
  4. No underlining or highlighting
  5. Audio or video items in good condition
  • Videos and DVDs
  1. CDs
  2. Records
  3. Cassettes
  • Items in any language
  • Sheet music
  • Unframed or framed prints or original art
  • Book or literary related items in good condition, for example:
  1. Bookends, Bookcases or shelves, reading lamps
  2. Author photos, ephemera (Steinbeck-related a plus!)

We do NOT accept:

  • Magazines, especially not National Geographic
  • Reader’s Digest Condensed Books
  • Sets with missing volumes
  • Outdated reference materials (e.g., price guides, dated travel guides)
  • ANY encyclopedias
  • Home-made audio-visual tapes or cassettes
  • Anything with mold or mildew, water damage, extensive underlining or handwriting, heavy damage to cover