The Big Idea

PALETERO Push Carts The program (Providing, Access, Literacy, and Education Through Engaging Residents Outside Library Walls) is designed to model the “paletero” or “ice cream man” business which pushes carts throughout the community selling ice cream. The Friends want the library to be able to a follow a similar practice but bring literature, children’s books, film music and library marketing via push carts to the community in east Salinas. With the purchase of two push carts the library will walk in the neighborhoods and use an Apple iPad linked to Verizon Wireless mifi unit to circulate materials. Children and adults can choose items and check them out that day. Those without a library card can apply that day through the program. The paletero cart will also be a mobile hot spot that community members within range can access free wireless connection. Staff members will walk the same route weekly, with additional neighborhood visits quarterly.



 Little Free Libraries are now located in three Salinas parks: El Gabilan Park, Central Park and McKinnon Park. Stop by and take home whichever book catches your eye. Return it or bring back another book to contribute. Join in this community effort to unite neighbors and foster literacy in a Read One/ Share One initiative.

467722_orig-150x150If you have interest in becoming a steward in your neighborhood email



The Friends Bookshop SIDEWALK SALES will be held the first Saturday of each month. 10am – 4pm on the front lawn of the John Steinbeck Library.

Look for the BOOKSHOP SALE TODAY signs outside JS Library on SIDEWALK SALE SATURDAYS!